EzAlertZ is the quick and easy way to keep your school informed

EzAlertZ is designed to allow an educational institution a quick and easy way to contact the parents/care givers of students, the students, and faculty/staff via text messaging and email. Users can sign up to receive alerts of their particular interest. For example: A mom of a second grader could sign up for alerts sent specifically for second grade parents only. She also would receive any general alert (message) sent such as "early school dismissal today 2:00." Alert types are created by you the Administrator so they are specific to your school system You can create as many as 100 different alert groups.

Here's what's included

Here's what you get when you subscribe to EzAlertZ.com:

Unlimited Users!

That's right!
This includes parents/guardians, teachers/staff, and students.
No limit - no extra cost.

Unlimited Messages!

You get unlimited messages - You and your staff can send them without a limit and without incurring additional costs.

Staff Messages Private

Teachers/staff messages are private unless the message was sent globally.

Message History

A web page for your school will be created that will list the current message and a history of previous messages.

Create Your Own Message Categories

You can make specific categories that pertain to your school. Already listed are grades BK through 12. You can make as many as 50 additional categories. Messages can easily be sent for all people who have signed up (globally), for specific groups (Parents/care givers, Teachers/Staff, and Students), or even more specific user created groups such as grade B4K, 1st grade...12th grade, football, girls volleyball, cheerleading, golf, etc.

Allow staff to send messages to their groups

You can assign other users (secondary admins) to send messages and control who they can send messages to. For instance: You can make a category for varsity football coach Madden. Coach Madden could send a message to all people who have chosen to receive messages regarding varsity football. He would not be able to send a global message indicating no school tomorrow.

To receive Alerts from your school:

  • Select your state from the pull-down list below.
  • Select your School.